Sharing The Dome With Other Users - Please Read
20 October 2009 @ 10:32 AM by Joel Convery


I got a bit of a telling off yesterday from the dome staff about some of the rules that we have been breaking with respect to other facility users, so I told them I would pass an email on to all our players.

Now that we no longer have exclusive use of the dome, we need to be much more aware and respectful of the other users of the facility, in particular those people using the athletics tracks.  A number of complaints were made last night about our players wandering, standing or getting changed on or near the edges of the running tracks, interfering with the athletes (who pay good money to use the facilities to).  Please just use some common sense when attempting to get access to the fields or getting changed.  If we continue to break these rules we can have our booking revoked, and that is the last thing I want to happen. 

I have added some other rules and notes (and more as I think and am given them) to the website which can be found here so please take a couple of minutes to read them.  Captains, although this has been sent to all registered players, can you make sure that you relay this information on to them.

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